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Don't get screenwriting advice from people who've never actually made a film.

Have you finished a draft on your latest script and need someone to read it who will give you honest and valuable feedback? Well, I'm here to help.

I will provide you notes on not only your story, characters, plots, etc, but also on your formatting.

All of my notes are made directly on your script itself, so you know exactly what I’m referring to when making a note.

I will be 100% honest with my thoughts, but always in a constructive way. If I find something in the script that didn't work, I'll tell you why I felt that way, and show you different ways of fixing those issues.

I have knowledge in shorts, features, and pilots.

No script is too short or too long.



I can provide writing samples upon request. Visit my IMDB page (link above) all my credits thus far.

Scripts I Can Provide: (in most genres)

Youtube Videos
Comedy Sketches
1/2 Hour Pilots
1 Hour Pilots
Audition Material 


Script Formatting

Are you a first-time writer?

Have you completed a draft of your newest screenplay?

Do you need a fresh pair of eyes on your script to make sure everything is up to industry standards when it comes to the formatting of your script?

Well, then let me help you make sure your script is in tip-top shape.

I will take your script and properly format it into industry standards using Final Draft 11. You will receive the finished script in a Final Draft document and also a PDF file.

Script Editing

You've just finished the latest draft of your screenplay and need a fresh pair of eyes to proofread your script to ensure it's mistake-free before you start sending it out to Hollywood executives.

Well, let me be those fresh eyes for you!

Let me proofread your script and correct all those spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes you might have missed.